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Our pricing is always subject to change. However, once you are locked in with a deposit, we will honor the current price at the time depsoit was made, and will never charge you more than what we agreed upon.

Ownership Info: Pricing / Payments

What are my wait-list options?

We have 2 wait-list options....

* Please don't ever ask us to add you to a wait-list above others. We will not, under any circumstances jump you to a higher position. We will not accept bribes or special offers, to do so. We believe in honesty and fairness.

1. Primary wait-list - After paying a small fee of $200, you will be added to our priority list, for the opportunity to place a deposit on a viable litter. You will be contacted before anyone on our secondary wait-list, and before any additional advertisement or announcement is made for any viable puppies.  This is truly a priority list, putting you in a priority position, ahead of many others. The fee to be on this list is non-refundable, and is in addition to the purchase cost of a puppy. Once you pay to be on this list, it locks in the current pricing, quoted at the time you enter the list, and that quoted price will be honored even if our prices increase at any time. Primary wait-listers will be notified as soon as a litter is born and determined to be viable and healthy, in the order they are placed on the list. It is important that you provide a means of contact where we can get a response within 12 hours. Once we present an offer, you must respond within 12 hours of notification. After 12 hours, we will move to the next primary wait-lister. (In the unlikely event we go out of business, for any reason, we will refund this payment if you have been on the list for 12 months or less.)
2. Secondary wait-list - This list is cost free. You will be placed on this list in no particular order. This list is simply a notification list. We will let you know whenever we have a viable litter, with an offer to place a deposit on that litter. Notifications will be made to secondary wait-listers only after all primary wait-listers have been notified,and if there are still deposit spots available. We will notify those on this list just before official announcements or advertisements are made to the general public for any litter. Secondary wait-listers can opt to place a deposit, on a first come, first served basis until all deposit spots are filled or they can ask to remain on the list for a future litter, or they can ask to be removed. There are no price lock-ins or guarantees attached to this list, prior to deposit being made. Any deposits made will be for puppies at our current price rate, and current deposit rates. 

For all wait-lists - It is important to give us contact info where we can reach you and you can respond quickly. We will only wait the specified amount of time for each list above, before we move to the next name on the list. So if you want to be considered for a deposit on any particular litter, you need to ensure we are able to reach you in a timely manner.  If you wish to be added to our wait-list, I will need ALL of the following pieces of information. If you neglect to give us ALL pieces of information, we reserve the right to skip over your name when contacting our wait-listers. Upon receipt of complete information, you will be added to the bottom of the list, in the order your info is received (and including receipt of payment for primary listers). When we have an upcoming litter, confirmed pregnant, we will reach out to you with 3 options. 
1. Place a non-refundable deposit on the upcoming, confirmed litter. 
2. Remain on the list, to be contacted when the next litter is confirmed. 
3. Be removed from the wait-list. If I don't hear back from you within 48-hours of contact, I will assume you are no longer interested in a puppy from Taylored Dobermans, and will remove you from the list. If you contact me to be added back to the list after 48-hours, you will be re-added to the bottom of the list. For primary wait-listers, I will add you back to the list once free of charge, if requested within 2 weeks of an offer you did not respond to. However to be added back, you will be added to the bottom of the list. Thereafter, payment will have to be made again, to go back on the primary wait-list at all.
ALL of the following pieces of info will be needed to be added to a wait-list - 
1. First and last name.
2. City and state you reside in.
3. Best/quickest way to contact you (text, email, phone, etc).
4. Phone number (if different from above). Can texts be received on this number?
5. Best time of day to contact you(Morning, afternoon, evening).
6. Do you have a color preference? (list all preferences in the order desired).
7. Do you have a gender preference? (list preferences in the order desired).
8. Are you interested in purchasing breeding rights (additional fees apply for breeding rights)?
9. Do you have any special requests (This answer is optional)?

Ownership Info: Wait-Lists

I placed a deposit. Now what?

Once a deposit is paid, that exact amount is automatically applied toward the quoted or current purchase price of the puppy. Deposits are not in addition to the purchase price. Deposits are non-refundable once paid, except under special circumstances, as determined by Taylored Dobermans. However, we would love to put a puppy in every home who is fit to have one and who promises to love that puppy, so we want to work with anyone who has placed a deposit, to get a puppy in their home as soon as we can. A deposit is a 2-way insurance policy. It guarantees you that we will reserve a puppy for you, and guarantees Taylored Dobermans that you agree to purchase a puppy. If we can't fill your "order" with the upcoming litter, we are happy to give it another shot, until we can. In other words, if we can't provide you with the puppy you desired (color and gender) from the litter in which you placed a deposit, we will roll your deposit to the next litter of your choice, until we are able to provide you a puppy. Your purchase price will be locked in, and won't be subject to change with price increases. 
There may be some special circumstances where we will accept a deposit prior to a viable litter being available. These are on a case by case basis, and we will discuss these options with you individually, if that is of interest to you. 

Ownership Info: Deposits

Can I visit Taylored Dobermans?

Safety First!

Taylored Dobermans is NOT an open kennel. In other words, visitors are not allowed at just any given time. That said, we are not opposed to you meeting our dogs. After all, our dogs are great dogs! But, for the safety of mamas and babies, visiting must happen at the appropriate times. 
When you place a deposit on a litter, you will be allowed to visit for the 1st time at approximately 4 weeks of age. You may or may not be able to meet mom or dad, depending on situations at the moment. Rest assured that all of our dogs are kind animals, but sometimes a mama is protective of her babies, and where strangers are involved, they can be unpredictable. We really wouldn't want it any other way, because her job is to protect her young! So for the safety of mom, babies, and humans, we may or may not be able to allow you to meet mom. Puppies are fragile, and prone to injury or illness at times. For this reason, and because each puppy typically has a deposited "owner" by 4 weeks of age, we typically won't show you whole litters when you come to visit. You will get to visit those that have the possibility of becoming yours, but please don't ask to see whlle litters. This is for the safety of the puppies. 
Sometimes we allow you to meet prospective parents of future litter ahead of placing deposits. If you would like to arrange such a meeting, let us know, and we will see if that is possible.

Ownership Info: Visits

What is the difference between Limited Registration and Breeding Rights?

The Options

At Taylored Dobermans, we sell the majority of our dogs as pets, to pet homes, for pet prices. This means that your dog will come with AKC paperwork, but no AKC breeding rights. Lots of folks think this means it's okay to breed the dog(s), and just not register the puppies. No, in fact, that is NOT okay. If you are paying a pet price for a dog, not to be used for breeding, the expectation is that you do not use it for breeding. This isn't because we are stingy, and want a corner on the market. It is for the integrity of the breed. Not all dogs SHOULD be used for breeding, and there may be reasons that a particular dog wasn't offered as a breeding animal. If you wish to breed your dog, purchase the breeding rights. If you wish to obtain breeding rights, you will pay an additional fee for that option. Not all puppies, litters, or buyers will qualify for breeding rights. If you seek breeding rights, we can discuss that further with you. Please don't hesitate to bring the possibility up, if it's something you have considered. We will sign a contract with those that wish to have breeding rights. If you have signed no such contract, the expectation is that you will not use the dog for breeding, and if found that you are, you will owe us for the current cost of the breeding rights, at the very least. 

Ownership Info: Pet vs Breeding Rights

Does my puppy have to have its tail docked and dewclaws removed?

Our Standard

At Taylored Dobermans, we make it a standard practice to dock tails on ALL puppies, at the same time we remove dewclaws. This happens in the first 5 days after birth. As much as we would love to accommodate all tastes, we cannot leave tails on some puppies. From time to time we get this request, but it is not possible for us to do.
Ear cropping is another story. Some love the look of a cleanly cropped Doberman, while others do not. For this reason, we leave that option to the buyer. Each and every buyer is responsible for any ear cropping they wish to have on their new puppy. We do encourage cropping, where possible, but we do not require it to be done. Once you have placed a deposit on a puppy, Taylored Dobermans can recommend good ear cropping vets in the northern Utah area. Please don't ask for this info before a deposit has been placed. 
Cropping needs to happen during approximately 9-11 weeks of age. So be aware of what you need to do, and the time frame to do it in, so you don't miss your window of opportunity. 
In special circumstances (where a buyer does not have ear cropping available to them), we can have it done prior to puppy leaving, at the buyer's expense. Speak with us well in advance, if this is something that you will need. Costs will vary. Also, we neither like to, nor have room to provide aftercare. So if we are having cropping done here, puppy must leave here within 48 hours of cropping being performed. No exceptions! 

Ownership Info: Tail docking / Ear cropping / Dewclaws

How do I receive my puppy?

Safe and Sound

Here at Taylored Dobermans, we care about the well-being of each puppy that leaves here. We don't spend 8 weeks with each puppy, just to shove it out the door and wish to never see or hear from it or it's new family again. Nope! We spend 8 weeks loving each puppy as if it would be ours forever. You'll hear us say that each puppy leaves with a piece of our hearts, and it's true! We love them all 💞. Because of this, we also offer pickup and delivery options for our buyers. 
If you live out of state we can accommodate and facilitate the receipt of your puppy. If you choose to fly in to get your puppy, we are happy to deliver a puppy to the airport in Salt Lake City. This is convenient if you want to fly in and out the same day. We do not charge any extra for that service, so long as it is during reasonable and convenient (for both parties) business hours, during the week. Likewise, if you would like us to fly with your puppy, to your location, we offer that service for an additional cost. Whose hands are more capable of delivering your puppy right to your location than the breeder or a representative of? While I cannot promise that I would be the actual one to fly your puppy, one of my family members may be. So, if you need that done, let's talk. 
For more local folks, we often are asked if we can meet part way. The simple answer is yes and no. But the long version says that we cannot always promise our availability to be able to travel in your direction. But if we do have the time, we are happy to do so. Just understand that distance is a factor, and depending on that distance, there may be costs associated with our travel in your direction, that we would ask for you to cover. But don't hesitate to ask! And of course, you are always welcome to drive to our location and pick up your puppy right here in our living room! With a pre-arranged appointment, we love to sit down with you and share in your experience with you, as you perhaps meet your puppy for the first time, and relish in the excitement of your new family member. 

Ownership Info: Pickup / Delivery options

What is go-home day like? And what will my puppy come with?

Congrats! The Day Has Arrived!

Taylored Dobermans is grossly aware that for most of our buyers, this is a long-awaited event! And we don't want anything to put a damper on your day! We schedule our buyers to come at pre-determined times and dates. This works to allow each buyer a reasonable amount of time to come and get their new family member, ask questions, have an opportunity to relish in their excitement, etc. Please try to be on time for your specified day and time of pickup. Because very likely, we have someone scheduled before and/or after you. We don't want to have to rush anyone along, and want this time to be special for everyone. 
Each puppy leaves with a little go-home pack...just some things to make his/her transition a little easier, from our home to yours, and as a thank you gift to you, for offering to provide one of our babies a loving home forever! All we ask in return is that you love your new family member all of his/her days, and leave us a positive review on social media, so that others know they can trust us to give their next furry family member a great start at life also. 
We love not only positive reviews, but also love to take photos of buyers with their new babies. And we get a huge kick out of seeing updates and photos as your babies grow! So please, please, please plan to share their lives with us! After all, we now share a common bond, and consider you family when you take home one of our puppies!

Ownership Info: Go-home day

My new puppy is home. What should I expect?

We're Home, Now What?

All of that anticipation has built up, and now you are home with your new puppy. Seemed like this day would never come! But now what? Well, puppies need adjustment periods. They aren't always just happy-go-lucky babies, with no cares or stresses. Quite the opposite. It is very stressful when they leave their familiar surroundings, and their litter, and go to a new, unfamiliar place, with new people they've never known. 
Potty training is not easy. We recommend taking them out every hour at first, during waking hours, and if possible, at least a couple of times through the night. Don't ever act frustrated, irritated, or begrudging about taking them out. They sense that. Instead, be upbeat and positive, and offer some sort of reward when things are done well. Even small achievements should be celebrated. We recommend having a key word you use, like "potty", "pee-pee", or something like that, to use before, and during their business, so they associate thay with the event later. And there is nothing wrong with throwing a little puppy party each time they actually go outdoors. Get excited, tell them they've done such a good job, and make it a positive experience. And high value treats, like pieces of hot dog or something of that nature, often will go a long way in potty training. 
We always recommend crate training your puppy. I know, it's sad when they look pathetic, or whine or cry when they are behind those bars, seemingly in puppy jail. But it really is good for them to understand they can be safe and have a comfortable place to be on their own, independent of you. Dobermans, by nature, are very tactile, clingy dogs. You can find story after story of dobermans that destroy homes or have health issues associated with anxiety when their owners leave for any period of time. Let's face it....nobody wants that. So do your dog the favor of alone time. It will be good for both of you. 
If you want your dog to sleep with you, that's your decision (not MY favorite thing, honestly, but to each their own). However, try to do so wisely. There could be times when you are unable to have your dog in your bed with you, so make sure they CAN sleep without you. Again, this is where the crate comes in handy. 
Puppies bite and chew. It's in their nature. EVERYTHING is taste-worthy, and goes in their mouths. So if you don't want things destroyed, and don't want a big vet bill, simply keep them out of reach. Give them plenty of stimulus, with things you don't care if they chew their own toys. Also, they are teething, and need something for relief anyway. And when they get to their biting stage, and act like land-sharks, try to avoid abusive behavior toward them, but be firm and consistent. We have some pretty sure-fire remedies for biting, so don't hesitate to ask. 
There are many other things to know about puppy's transition to a new home. Please reach out if you have eany questions or concerns. 

Ownership Info: New Puppy Expectations
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