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Our Females

Breeding Perfection

All of our dogs are stunning in their own ways, and our gorgeous girls are no exception. With a variety of colors and traits, we are sure to produce the puppy with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle!


Taylor's Allie 

Mischievous Bundle of Fun

With great sorrow, Allie is retired.
Allie is 100% American. She is black/tan, and can produce dilutes  Allie is known by many nicknames....Allie, Allie-bo-ballie, Alfredo, Al, Alfred, Fred, Gorgeous, and many more. She is the darling of the household, and wouldn't have it any other way. Her name is an adjective in our household, as we often refer to things as being "so Allie". She is smart, fun, and a little bit devious. She can pierce your heart with those big, brown eyes, and get almost anything she wants, but it's usually a treat. Allie is smart and athletic. We never tire of watching her jump in the air to catch a ball. She's like a gazelle. She can open any door in the house, so don't bother to try to hide anything from Allie. But when she finds her "death rope", watch out! That thing becomes a lethal weapon when in her clutches! And a game of tug-o-war? Don't even think you could possibly win. She isn't a real big dog, but she is TOUGH and unrelenting! At the end of the day, Allie enjoys a nice cuddle, and loves to be close to one of her people. Allie and Rebel make the most perfect little Dobermans, and she is a terrific mother. Households with one of their babies are truly blessed beyond measure! Allie carries just 1 marker for vWD, and is not affected.



Cuddle-Bug Galore

Indra will be having 1 more litter, before retiring. 
Indra is red/rust, and can produce dilutes. We love all our animals at Taylored Dobermans, but Indi is a heart stealer, for sure! She came to us as an adult, but you wouldn't know she hasn't lived with us her whole life. We love her and she loves us. Talk about a happy dog! Indi has a very kind, gentle demeanor, and loves to please her people. Far and away, Indi's favorite thing to do is snuggle on the sofa with you. She isn't one for toys or games, really. I mean, she will never say no to a treat! But love and comfort, that's Indi's style! Indi typically has large litters, and lots of diverse colors.  Those who have her puppies are in love for life! Indi is 100% American. Indi tests clear of all genetic conditions.


Taylor's Sapphyre

Healthy Mix of Sweet and Sassi

Sassi is 100% American. She is a daughter of Rebel and Allie. She is a blue/tan girl, and she is kind of special to us, as we raised her from our favorite cross. Sassi has proven herself as a breeder, and has produced some gorgeous babies! Sassi is a lovable girl, but has some fears of other people. We sent her out to a trainer that came well recommended when she was young, and it turned out to be a big mistake. Long story short, her "broken" ear isn't the only thing that suffered at the hands of the trainer. She regressed in her potty training and social skills. Our once fun-loving girl came home fearful, with trust issues. But we love her still the same. Sassi, although apprehensive of new people, is a very sweet girl. She really does have a big heart. She is as silly as the day is long, and has lots of energy.



Small but Perfectly Formed

Mocha is a cute, silly, obedient girl. She listens well, but loves affection. Mocha is a young female that we have acquired, here at Taylored Dobermans. She is 100% European, and does not carry a dilute factor. However, he is refined and beautiful. She is red in color, and promises to be a gorgeous producer. We absolutely cannot wait to see what her future holds. And with her soft demeanor, she is sure to be a great little mama. 

Females: Females
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