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Our Males

Breeding Perfection

All of our dogs are stunning in their own ways, and our handsome boys are no exception. With a variety of colors and traits, we are sure to produce the puppy with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle!

Rebellious Little Lover

With great sorrow, Rebel is retired. 
Known as Rebel or Rebs. Rebel is black/tan, and he can produce dilutes. Rebel is the perfect balance of beauty and kindness. He is obedient, loyal, kind and gorgeous! He is exactly what a Doberman SHOULD be, both in looks and personality. He is a perfect companion dog for my widowed mother, and loves everyone in the family. His sons look and act very much like him. They are smart, making them highly trainable, and they love their people. Rebel sells his puppies, when people meet him. They want one just like him! Rebel is 100% American. We have a daughter of his, that we are still breeding. So his line isn't lost.


Diesel's Machine Gun Kelly

Meet Ham! This is the nickname he came with, that apparently he got as a puppy. Ham came to live at Taylored Dobermans as an adult, but has proven himself worthy to be here. His nickname says it all! He IS a Ham! Kindness and beauty wrapped into 1 body. He is a good sized male, without the excessive bulk. He is a gorgeous boy, and he has proven a prepotent producer. Ham is blue/tan, and is able to produce dilute and dominant colored puppies, depending on the females he is bred too. Ham carries European and American heritage, and brings with him plenty of diversity. Ham carries 1 marker for vWD, and is not affected.



Lycan is a new male, here at Taylored Dobermans. But so far he has proven himself a keeper! He is 100% European, and is tall in stature. He is a handsome devil, full of energy. This young male promises to do good things for our kennel, and we are excited for his future here. Lycan will not be able to produce any dilute colors, unfortunately, but that's ok. He is still welcome here! Lycan is clear of all genetic disorders. 

Males: Males
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